Postcodes in Wales

Our database currently has a total of 243 postcode areas (a group of postcode districts with the same alphabetical prefix is called a postcode area) for 23 different counties with in Wales.




Postcode areas in County

1 Anglesey/Sir Fon 20 LL58, LL59, LL60, LL61, LL62, LL64, LL65, LL66, LL67, LL68, LL69, LL70, LL71, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL75, LL76, LL77, LL78
2 Blaenau Gwent 4 NP1, NP2, NP23, NP3
3 Bridgend 6 CF31, CF32, CF33, CF34, CF35, CF36
4 Caerphilly 7 CF3, CF46, CF81, CF82, CF83, NP11, NP12
5 Cardiff 6 CF1, CF2, CF3, CF4, CF5, CF83
6 Carmarthenshire 19 SA14, SA15, SA16, SA17, SA18, SA19, SA20, SA31, SA32, SA33, SA34, SA35, SA38, SA39, SA4, SA40, SA44, SA48, SA66
7 Ceredigion 12 SA38, SA40, SA43, SA44, SA45, SA46, SA47, SA48, SY20, SY23, SY24, SY25
8 Conwy 16 LL16, LL18, LL21, LL22, LL24, LL25, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33, LL34, LL57
9 Denbighshire 10 CH7, LL11, LL15, LL16, LL17, LL18, LL19, LL20, LL21, LL22
10 Flintshire 10 CH1, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7, CH8, LL11, LL12, LL18, LL19
11 Glamorgan 9 CF1, CF32, CF35, CF5, CF61, CF62, CF63, CF64, CF71
12 Gwynedd 26 LL21, LL23, LL33, LL35, LL36, LL37, LL38, LL39, LL40, LL41, LL42, LL43, LL44, LL45, LL46, LL47, LL48, LL49, LL51, LL52, LL53, LL54, LL55, LL56, LL57, SY20
13 Merthyr Tydfil 3 CF46, CF47, CF48
14 Monmouthshire 4 NP4, NP5, NP6, NP7
15 Neath Port Talbot 7 SA10, SA11, SA12, SA13, SA18, SA8, SA9
16 Newport 7 CF3, NP1, NP10, NP19, NP20, NP6, NP9
17 Newport City 0
18 Pembrokeshire 20 SA34, SA35, SA36, SA37, SA41, SA42, SA43, SA61, SA62, SA63, SA64, SA65, SA66, SA67, SA68, SA69, SA70, SA71, SA72, SA73
19 Powys 27 CF44, CF48, HR3, HR5, LD1, LD2, LD3, LD4, LD5, LD6, LD7, LD8, NP7, NP8, SA10, SA11, SA9, SY10, SY15, SY16, SY17, SY18, SY19, SY20, SY21, SY22, SY5
20 Rhondda Cynon Taff 12 CF35, CF37, CF38, CF39, CF4, CF40, CF41, CF42, CF43, CF44, CF45, CF72
21 Swansea 8 SA1, SA18, SA2, SA3, SA4, SA5, SA6, SA7
22 Torfaen 3 NP4, NP44, NP6
23 Wrexham 7 LL11, LL12, LL13, LL14, LL20, SY13, SY14
243 (unique postcodes: 196)