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This simple website is dedicated to sharing, gathering and learning about UK Towns, Counties & Postcodes.

The information on this website has been gathered over years and years of working with projects that required UK based geographical data. I created this website so everyone can access the information, whether it be for educational and/or informational purposes. I hope it proves to be useful.

Whilst great efforts have been spent on trying to keep the data current and valid, sadly, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information available on this website. Please read the disclaimer for more information.

Overtime, towns and counties have been renamed, merged together, and new postcodes have been created, so cleansing the data is an ongoing battle. If you notice any mistakes or have any additional information, please contact me and I'll make the appropriate update(s) as soon as I can. I thoroughly appreciate all the feedback.

Current stats

The following stats are based on the information I have in our database, and does not necessarily represent actual UK stats.






Towns / Villages 31,949 556 7,099 3,848 43,452
Cities 55 6 8 7 76
Counties 48 6 32 23 109
Postcode areas 2,188 81 481 243 2,993

Recent updates

  • 3rd June 2024- "Boughton-under-Blean" added to list of villages in the County of Kent, England.
  • 18th April 2024- "Girvan" added to list of towns in the County of South Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • 21st June 2023- "Letchworth" in Hertfordshire updated to "Letchworth Garden City"
  • 14th March 2023- "Aldridge" moved from Staffordshire to West Midlands.
  • 5th October 2022- Postcode BD10 added to Bradford.
  • 20th May 2022- Given city status: Bangor, Colchester, Douglas, Doncaster, Dunfermline, Milton Keynes, Wrexham.
  • 15th November 2021- Postcode DN40 and DN41 added to county Lincolnshire.
  • 8th April 2021- "Cottingham" moved from North Yorkshire to East Riding of Yorkshire.

If you notice any mistakes or have additional information, please contact me and I'll make the appropriate update(s) as soon as I can.

Many thanks to those who have contacted me with updates!!